Special Webinar Bonus

Thanks so much for watching our webinar:

“Who’s Teaching Your Kids about The Birds and The Bees” Easy ways to start “The Talk.”

We are glad to see you feeling motivated and inspired to take action!

Time for The Talk is a comprehensive sex education class for parents to take with their 9-13 year old son or daughter.

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Time for the Talk is a 5-week online comprehensive sex education program that you complete at home with your child.

Our program includes:

  • A short instructional video to learn how to get the most out of our program.
  • 5 weekly videos, automatically delivered to your inbox.
  • 5 Q & A videos of us answering the most frequently asked questions by kids ages 9-12.
  • PDF Fun Sheets that include role plays, games and activities for you to complete with your child.
  • Access to our private Facebook group where we will answer questions, give additional resources and support you along this journey.

Each week focuses on a certain topic:

Week 1: The Amazing Human Body: Reproductive Anatomy  – We have learned that kids need a basic understanding of how our bodies work before they can understand the changes that happen with puberty.

Week 2: Puberty 101 – Everything your child needs to know about the changes boys and girls go through over the next few years.

Week 3: Let Me Tell You ‘Bout the Birds and the Bees – How babies are made: conception, pregnancy, childbirth, the challenges of teen parenting and how pregnancy is prevented.

Week 4: Peer Pressure Pow-Wow – Activities to help kids think about their values and how they can use their values to deal with peer pressure and make good decisions.

Week 5: Looking into the Future – Kids will learn about healthy relationships, how to set goals and planning for their future. (Did you know the #1 way to prevent teen pregnancy is to have aspirations for the future?)

Wondering if Time for the Talk is right for you and your child?

-You know that it’s important to make time for “The Talk” but you haven’t gotten around to it yet.

-You covered the basics with your kids but realize there is new stuff kids are being exposed to all the time and you want to make sure you are covering it all.

-You want to be able to fit your own values into a sex education program.

-You prefer an honest, open, fact-based approach(no threats or fear here).

-You enjoy the freedom to giggle, gasp and have a good time with your child.

-You want to build and maintain a strong bond with your son or daughter that can last a lifetime.

-You take your job as a parent seriously and want to empower your child to make healthy decisions for his/her future.

-You want to support by having access to on-going videos, blogs, and a private forum.

-You like our “knowledge is power” philosophy and relaxed style and think our approach would be a good fit with your family.

After taking Time for The Talk online class with your son or daughter, you will have….

  • Covered the basics of everything your 9-13 year old needs to know.
  • Demonstrated to your child that you are willing and able to talk about sex related topics.
  • Learned how to speak the truth in a relaxed, fun way, even if you feel embarrassed.
  • Formed a deeper bond with your child.
  • Experienced being a student with your child and learned the same things together.
  • Demonstrated the benefits of intimacy and taking the time to have important conversations.
  • Opened-up the lines of communication and created an ongoing dialogue.
  • Crossed “Have The Talk” off your list of things to do!

Research shows that this kind of parent/child sex education class will later…..

  • Reduce the rate of teen pregnancy.
  • Increase the use of birth control.
  • Delay first intercourse.
  • Reduce the number of sexual partners.