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      I have known Marlene since the day she was born. Growing up across the street from each other, we played together almost everyday but we had no idea we’d end up working together someday. We just knew that we both liked learning about people and real life issues. We ended up choosing the same major in college, choosing similar career paths (sex education and sexual assault prevention) and then getting our teaching credentials. When our kids were born, we both left teaching but always found ways to stand in front of an audience (speaking to groups, teaching classes, TV shows). It wasn’t until we were both ready to create more full time work, that we realized our shared passions, interests and paths were more than just coincidence. We had such opposite upbringings when it came to sex education, (anything goes liberal vs. nothing goes conservative) yet shared the same passion for educating families, we figured it was meant to be that we bring our experiences, education, and expertise together to help open up communication between parents and kids on difficult subjects. This feels like our destiny and we thank you for helping us fulfill it!


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