Meet Torie Henderson

I was raised Catholic, which for some reason, seems to be synonymous with zero sex education.  Despite that, my Mom decided she should overlook her embarrassment and tell us what we needed to know.  She checked out a film from the church library (yes, I’m that old) and sat down to watch it with my Dad and sister.  

I must have learned something because I don’t remember ever not knowing how babies were made, but what came through MUCH clearer was that this was a subject my parents were NOT comfortable discussing.  Despite saying and doing ‘the right things’,it was obvious my parents were very uncomfortable and did NOT want to talk about this subject!  They never brought it up again and would become visibly awkward when something “off color” came on TV or “suggestive” book title caught their attention.  I decided they weren’t the ones to go to for more information on the topic, so I went across the street to Marlene’s house!

Even in college, I felt embarrassed to talk to my parents about personal issues, and I realized I wasn’t the only one.  I made it my mission to help parents and kids open up dialogue on difficult subjects.  I studied family life education and social issues, got my teaching credential, taught elementary school and parent education classes.  I’ve been teaching parent/child sex education classes for 15 years and I love it.  Having parents and kids learn embarrassing topics together creates a bond and connection that is hard to achieve otherwise.  In 2009, I expanded my offering to include life coaching for parents and it transformed me, and my classes, in ways I never imagined. Go to to learn more about my life coaching services for exhausted, overworked SuperMoms.