Do you struggle to talk to your kids about s-e-x?

Do you struggle to talk to your kids about s – e – x ?
  • You are involved with your kids education, health and social activities.
  • You want to be the one to educate them about puberty, sex and growing up, but you aren’t sure exactly what to say, when to say it or how much information to give.
  • When your kids ask questions you feel embarrassed and uncomfortable (Or when you try to talk to them, THEY feel embarrassed and uncomfortable.)
  • You want to be open and honest but your parents didn’t exactly do a great job with “the birds and the bees” talk so you just aren’t sure how to do it.
  • You have a great relationship with your kids and want to keep it that way through adolescence.
  • You are worried that if you wait too long to have “The Talk”, you’ll miss your window of opportunity.

The truth is, there is a window of opportunity to talk to kids about sex.

Are your child’s feet are catching up to yours?

Is your child between the ages of 9-13?

Can smell puberty coming down the hallway?

If so, it is time to have “The Talk”.

Today’s kids are bombarded with sexual content from the media, friends, music lyrics, Youtube videos and more. Now, more than ever, kids need their parents to help them understand the confusing messages they are getting around sexuality, growing up and intimacy.

We have the solution!

We have created an online, at-home, sex education class for parents to take with their 9-13 year old son or daughter. This 4-week class will help open-up the lines of communication on embarrassing topics and show your kids that YOU are the person to turn to with questions or problems later on.

Parents and kids hear the information they need presented in a factual and relaxed way.

When you giggle, get embarrassed and share awkward memories together it creates a bond that will last a lifetime.

After taking our Time for The Talk online class with your son or daughter, you will have….

  • Covered the basics of everything your 9-13 year old needs to know.
  • Demonstrated to your child that you are willing and able to talk about sex related topics.
  • Learned how to speak the truth in a relaxed, fun way (even if you feel embarrassed).
  • Formed a deeper bond with your child.
  • Experienced being a student with your child and learning the same things together.
  • Demonstrated the benefits of intimacy and taking the time to have important conversations.
  • Opened-up the lines of communication and created an ongoing dialogue.
  • Crossed “Have The Talk” off your list of things to do!

Research shows that this kind of parent/child sex education class with pre-teens will later….featured-content-large-ds-photo-getty-article-117-112-86481554

  • Reduce the rate of teen pregnancy.
  • Increase the use of birth control.
  • Delay first intercourse.
  • Reduce the number of sexual partners.


Time for the Talk is a 4-week online comprehensive sex education program that you complete at home with your child.

Our program includes:

  • A short instructional video to learn how to get the most out of our program.
  • 5 videos, automatically delivered to your inbox.
  • 5 Q & A videos of us answering the most frequently asked questions by kids ages 9-13.
  • PDF Fun Sheets that include role plays, games and activities for you to complete with your child.

Each week focuses on a certain topic:

Week 1: The Amazing Human Body: Reproductive Anatomy  – We have learned that kids need a basic understanding of how our bodies work before they can understand the changes that happen with puberty.

Week 2: Puberty 101 – Everything your child needs to know about the changes boys and girls go through during puberty.

Week 3: Let Me Tell You ‘Bout the Birds and the Bees – How babies are made: conception, pregnancy, childbirth, the challenges of teen parenting and how pregnancy is prevented.

Week 4: Understanding your values – Activities to help kids think about their values and how they can use their values to deal with peer pressure and make good decisions.

Week 5: Looking into the Future – Healthy relationships and how to set goals and planning for the future. (Did you know the #1 way to prevent teen pregnancy is to have aspirations for the future?)Man reading book to young boy in bed smiling

What you will NOT find with Time for The Talk are fear tactics, religion, judgement, or right/wrong. So much research has been done on how fear tactics don’t work and yet so many places still use them.

Our program is right for you if….

  • You know that it’s important to make time for “The Talk” but you haven’t gotten around to it yet.
  • You covered the basics with your kids but realize there is new stuff they are being exposed to and you want to make sure you are covering it all.
  • You want to be able to fit your own values into a sex education program.
  • You prefer an honest, open, fact-based approach (no threats or fear here).
  • You enjoy the freedom to giggle, gasp and have a good time with your child.
  • You want to build and maintain a strong bond with your son or daughter that can last a lifetime.
  • You take your job as a parent seriously and want to empower your child to make healthy decisions for his/her future.
  • You want support by having access to on-going videos, blogs, and resources.
  • You like our “knowledge is power” philosophy and relaxed style and think our approach would be a good fit with your family.

This program may not be right for you if…

  • You believe in fear-based tactics when it comes to talking about sex and other teen issues.  (Despite the mountains of evidence that they don’t work, these programs are still being taught, but not by us.)
  • Your child has not been exposed to tv, popular music, magazines or the internet.  This program is designed to prepare modern kids for a world including texting, YouTube and social media. We don’t want to introduce your child to a world you don’t want them to know exists.
  • You already have a strong sex education philosophy and have no problem sharing conversations and information with your children, and they are receptive to it.


Watch this 3-minute video to see what others have to say about the program.

Is it Time for the Talk?

Got Questions?  We Got Answers!

Do I need to be online at a certain time each week?

No. Time for the Talk is designed for you to complete when it fits into your schedule. You have complete flexibility with when you complete the class with your child. One week you may choose to do class on Saturday morning and the next on a Wednesday night. It is made to fit your schedule. We do encourage you to schedule the time each week though since we know how busy families get.

How much time does each class take?

Each week the video and Fun Sheets take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to complete. The beginning of each video will give you an approximate time for that week’s class. The time will vary from family to family; depending on how much time you spend on the Fun Sheets.

What if I have questions during the program? Are you available for help?

We are always available to answer your questions via email.

What if my child doesn’t want to take these classes with me?

This is a very normal response. We created this program because kids aren’t usually excited to talk with their parents about sex and their changing bodies. From our experience, after the first class students typically become much more comfortable and look forward to spending this one-on-one time with you.

How much does Time for the Talk cost? Happy single-parent and son laughing in an outdoor setting

Our 5-week Video class costs $149.

We believe that this is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future.  By opening the lines of communication, you will teach your child that they can come to you, even when the topic is uncomfortable. As they enter their teen years, they will know that you are there for them. This is priceless.

Is this an Abstinence Only program?

No. We do discuss abstinence and how it is the only 100% effective way to prevent pregnancy. However, we also mention birth control as a means for preventing pregnancy. All of this information is presented in an age-appropriate manner. Kids ages 9-13 are usually in the “OMG this is so gross! I’m never doing that! stage” so we tell the facts of life, while still meeting them where they are.

Do you teach a certain set of values?

No. Time for the Talk is created for you to insert your value system into our program. We provide the facts and encourage you to add, and discover, your values throughout the classes.

What if I’m not ready for all this?!

As parents it can be really tough to recognize that our kids are growing up and will become teenagers. We know that they will always be our babies. However, ignoring the changes that are coming for your child does not help prepare him or her. As parents, its unlikely that we will ever feel ready for the teen years. However, you can ease your worries by working on educating your child and becoming comfortable talking together about all of these topics. You can do this and we will help you every step of the way.

What are people saying about Torie & Marlene’s Time for The Talk class?

Mahurin and Henderson

What kids say…..

  • This class made it easier to share what I’m feeling.
  • Now that I’ve done the class, it isn’t awkward anymore.
  • My favorite thing was being with my mom without my younger brother around.
  • I wish it wasn’t over.
  • I liked learning about peer pressure and how to handle it. This class made me more confident.
  • This class has made me more aware of the world I live in. I don’t want it to end.
  • I liked hearing what questions other kids asked.
  • My favorite thing was spending time with my mom.
  • I liked watching my dad get embarrassed. It was so funny.
  • It made me understand more about how things work and answered my questions.
  • At first I was weirded-out but then it was really good.
  • This class makes me more comfortable talking about sex. I like it not being awkward.
  • My favorite part was acting out the role-play situations with my mom. She’s funny.
  • Now that I can talk to my mom about sex,  I can talk to her about anything.
  • I liked hearing what it was like for my dad when he was in middle school.

What parents say:

  • This class is the BEST gift I have given my daughter.
  • I liked going through the class with my child and learning together.
  • It’s so much easier to talk with my son now,  for both of us.
  • I like knowing that she has all the correct information and that I’m here to answer her questions.
  • Everything was age-appropriate, relevant and valuable to my son.
  • I liked the relaxed and casual way topics were discussed.
  • Things were discussed that I never would have thought to mention, but am so glad he knows about now.
  • I especially liked the values exercise and understanding healthy relationship activity.
  • I loved the honest and straight-forward approach.
  • I loved opening a dialogue with my daughter that I know will be a lasting conversation. Her confidence blossomed and our bond has tightened. Thank you.
  • The openness of the topic was refreshing. It was complete and well delivered.
  • Honestly, this was exactly what was needed.
  • I wish I had more kids so I could do it again.
  • I wish I had done this with my older child.

Want more information before you buy?

Watch this 6 minute video to get more details:

 Is Time for the Talk Right for My Child?