Is it Time for the Talk?

Are you the parent of a preteen? If so, you may be feeling like some of the other parents we’ve worked with:


  • Your child asks you a question about puberty or sex and you blush, laugh or cringe inside. (You’re not alone! Many of the parents we’ve helped also felt embarassed or nervous about what to say.
  • You’re waiting for your child to start “The Talk” and wonder what to do when that day never comes.
  • Your child is emotional and moody and you think, “Where has my sweet child gone?  (Those hormones can be tough…)
  • You want to do things differently then your parents but aren’t sure how.
  • You want your child to have an easier time as a teen then you did.
  • You want to keep a close relationship with your child but worry that it’s slipping away.


Not sure if our program is right for you? See what former parents and students have to say: