Is my daughter really ready for this? Am I?

As the mom to two daughters, I know what it’s like to not want to think about my little girls growing up and becoming teenagers. It’s easy to want to put on my blinders and just pretend it’s not happening. The reality is, I have a 10 ½ year old daughter who is beginning puberty. As much as I don’t want her to leave her childhood behind, I know I shouldn’t hide from it. I want her to be prepared.

I am someone who makes a living talking about puberty and sex and all of these potentially embarrassing topics. However, I can still cringe inside when my daughter has a question. Just this past Fall, she and my husband took our Time for the Talk series and I can remember feeling nervous about her learning everything I was going to be teaching. Even though I’d taught many 10 year olds before, it felt scary knowing my daughter was going to be learning about wet dreams, erections, teen pregnancy, peer pressure, etc. Was she really ready, I wondered? Was I about to ruin her innocence? Was I ready for this?

I know in my heart that it was important for her to be educated. Knowledge is power. I also didn’t want her to feel like, “Well I can’t ask Mom about that. She’s too uncomfortable.” So I took a deep breath and forged ahead.

It turned out that she was very ready to learn about all of the things we cover in Time for the Talk. It was eye opening to discover how many things she’d already heard about, often times having misinformation to boot. She had LOTS of questions that we discussed throughout the classes and are still discussing today.

It was also really good for my husband to take these classes with her. He is definitely not as comfortable talking about these topics but feels a lot more confident now. (although he still cringes inside from time to time, he doesn’t show it.) I hope my daughter and I can continue to talk honestly together as she grows up and that she has learned that she can ask me anything (even when there are times I think to myself, “Oh Man! I don’t want to answer THAT!)