Is your child a Chatty Cathy at bedtime?

One of my daughter’s favorite time to chat is at bedtime. Of course, this is also exactly when I’m most exhausted and ready to sit down with a good book or watch one of my favorite shows. Apparently I’m not alone. This week’s video blog addresses this very situation.

What should you do if your child becomes a Chatty Cathy at bedtime?

 Do you indulge this behavior or send them to bed?

In the video below, we’ll give you some ideas and I’ll share with you the special gift I discovered from these late night chats.

As parents, it’s easy to feel exhausted by the end of the day and just want to be done parenting for the night. For many kids, they need to purge their thoughts and feelings in order to settle down for sleep. By taking some time to sit and chat with your child, you are giving them the chance to decompress and creating special memories together.

Some of my favorite talks with my 12 year-old daughter happen at bedtime. Yes, it’s true that I’m usually very ready to have a break at that point. However, by giving her my one-on-one attention, she is able to share her thoughts and feelings from her day and usually settles down to sleep much faster. I know this won’t last forever and I am always thankful when I hold off on my break just a little longer and spend some time together.


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