The benefits of a mother/daughter journal

I have two daughters, ages 13 and 8 and most of the time we have a very close relationship. However, sometimes it is not so easy for us to communicate. There are days that no matter what I say, it’s “wrong” or “annoying” and my attempts to connect fall flat. If you’re like me, on days like these it’s easy to feel frustrated and discouraged and to worry that our kids are growing away from us.

I have found a great solution to connect with my girls, even when they don’t feel like talking to me: A two-way journal. I started this when my oldest daughter was about 8 and it has been a really great experience. How it works, is you buy a notebook or journal that you share. One day you write to your son or daughter and then they write back. What’s really great about it is that it gives your child the freedom to share without feeling pressured to talk. It also removes any tension that may occur with conversations.

With our journal, I’ve learned things that I never would have known if I’d relied on solely on talking. Sometimes we share serious things, other times just little stories from our days. It helps us “talk” when conversations just aren’t working. We don’t write in it every day, but every time we do, we are both glad.

For years, I’ve used a simple composition notebook for our two-way journals but was so excited to discover an actual Mother-Daughter journal dedicated to this idea. What’s great about it are the writing prompts, opportunities to share childhood memories, draw pictures and more. I had to order it immediately. (If you want to try this with your son,  you can use a simple journal.)

Click Below to get your copy: (We weren’t paid to advertise this book. We just think it’s really cool!)

Just Between Us:

A No Stress, No Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms



Let us know how it goes with your two-way journal and your child. Hop on over to our Facebook page and share your experiences. I think this is one gift you won’t regret. It makes a beautiful keepsake too! Happy journaling.