Raising Respectful Sons: Sex, Technology & Connection

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I held off as long as I could. When boys came over to play, screens went off.  I wanted to see them running, jumping and climbing.  I loved to listen to their inventions and creativity.  I would rather have them make a mess or dive off my stairs, then see those precious faces zoned out in front of a screen.  But by the time my son was 9, I caved.

The boys that came to my house didn’t always know how to have fun with each other. Once they found out we had an Xbox, they would ask every 5 minutes “Now can we play?” I made them wait, but nothing ever was as engaging as the adrenaline and dopamine hit awaiting them in that screen.  I didn’t want my son to be rejected for having a boring home, so I caved.

But my concerns were still there:

    • How are boys going to learn to interact in a social setting?
    • Will they be able to feel content without the constant stimulation and dopamine release they get from screen time?
    • How will they build healthy relationships with the opposite sex when their only exposure to girls is through YouTube?
    • What in the world should I say about oral sex, online porn & sexting?

We want to empower you to give your son the information he needs to grow into a self-assured, healthy and respectful young man. You CAN help him thrive, even with cell phones, social media, online video games and that ever present screen.

Here are some of the things we will cover:

What your 8-9 year-old needs to know:

Online safety — Inappropriate vs. Appropriate content — Private vs. Public Information— Web Search Protocols — Maintaining Opposite Sex Friendships — The differences between boys & girls — Respect for Bodies — The Importance of Being Open To Answer Their Questions.

What your 10-12 year-old needs to know:

Teasing — Picking up on Non-Verbal Cues — Respecting Boundaries — All about the Birds and the Bees, Puberty and Girls — How to Handle Uncomfortable Topics — Instincts — Manners and Other Social Conventions.

What your 13-15 year-old needs to know:

What’s the Real Deal About Oral Sex? — What are Mom & Dad’s Expectations for Relationships? — Appropriate Use of Cell Phones. — Understanding the Risks of Online Pornography. — The Concept of Consent. — Values and their Importance — How to Differentiate Manners and Social Conventions with Girls, Other Boys, and Adults.

The world needs more respectful young men. Invite your friends, share on Facebook. We hope you can join us for this important call!