Responsible Kid Contract


Congratulations! We think you are responsible and mature enough to be in charge of this device. Before we give it to you, there are some things we want to make sure we agree on.

1. It is a privilege for you to have this device. It really is ours, we bought it and we pay the monthly charges. If the rules are not followed, we will take this device back.

2. We will always know your password and have access to this device at any time. This internet is a public forum, texts, posts and photos you send are considered public. Search the web only for information you would openly share with us.

3. Always answer calls or texts from Mom or Dad.

4. It is your responsibility to know where your phone is and for keeping it in good condition. We understand how easily things get dropped, lost and stolen. If this happens, we expect you to be responsible for the replacement cost or repairs.

5. Keep your device off or silenced during school hours.

6. This device will be handed to us every night at ____ pm and returned at _____ am.

7. Don’t bring your phone to the dinner table or walk down the street while looking at your phone. Be aware of your surroundings and prioritize the people in front of you

8. Do not send or receive naked or inappropriate photos. Ever. Don’t share pornographic or disrespectful videos. If you ever see something that concerns you, know that you can talk to us and trust us to help you handle it.

9. Don’t say or do anything online that you wouldn’t do in person. Be kind and uplifting with those you know. If you ever receive calls, texts or messages that make you feel icky, uncomfortable, or seem suspicious, come tell us right away.

10. When I am old enough, I won’t text and drive. I understand it is very dangerous.


Kids Signature ____________________________


Parents Signature ___________________________